Field of Fear 2022

By Field Of Fear (other events)

16 Dates Through Oct 30, 2022

Join us at our one of a kind haunted farm attraction! Field of Fear is known for our 4 individual haunts, praying on each and every fear of our victims.... I mean customers. Take a ride on the wild side on Execution Escape, a one of a kind hayride. Or take a walk through some corn stalks in any of our 3 walk through attractions! 

Execution Escape: Take a ride on the wild side while trying to escape your most feared killer! This farm once was a peaceful place, but now there is no where to hide. Killers in every corner, watching and waiting as the time goes by. They want your head they want your feet, so come take a ride on this seat and find death, you cannot cheat!

Human Harvest: when you think of a farm you think of food, but this farm has so much more to offer.... After the crops ran out and the water dried up the animals were forced to find other means of food. They tried trees and rocks but after just one taste of blood these killing machines were no dud. They do what they have to do to survive, so watch your back or you better hide. 

Moonlight massacre: come explore this dark path and see that others have failed to find. The moonlight is your only guide as you keep an eye out for all of the other souls who did not make it to the end of the path. As you walk you might make some new friends, or you might not just make it to see the ends.

Schizofarmia: what is your worst fear, darkness? Loud noises? Creepy crawly things? If you come here you will certainly find those and much more. This haunt is not for the weak minded as it will push ALL of your limits of senses. If you try to escape a little bug, you might just find yourself in a great big hug!

Ticket pricing is as follows:

Schizofarmia: $15.00

Field haunt combo ( Execution Escape, Human Harvest, and Moonlight Massacre) $20.00

Mega combo: Schizofarmia and Field haunt combo $30.00

VIP wristband upgrade: $15.00

All tickets are available online OR at the gates. Cash and credit accepted. VIP wristband can be added anytime, even after initial purchase!